10 Must-Taste Tastes of Fair Gourmet

10 Must-Taste Tastes of Fair Gourmet

Panayir Gourmet, which has been entertaining the palate in Istanbul with its gourmet and premium quality flavors for 21 years, has now started to serve in its new store in Göcek. So, what are the top 10 must-taste flavors of Panayır Gourmet? We have determined for you.


Meet the delicious and nutritious Smoked Salmon, made only from the best quality salmon from Norway. Our Smoked Salmon is carefully smoked from natural oak wood to create a mouthwatering taste and aroma that will surely delight seafood lovers. Because it is additive-free, it allows you to enjoy its natural flavor and health benefits to the fullest. You can use Smoked Salmon in a variety of recipes, from cold sandwiches, salads, to pizza and pasta.

Smoked Mackerel

Looking for a delicious and nutritious seafood option that will satisfy even the most picky palate? A favorite of gourmet food lovers everywhere, Smoked Mackerel is just for you. Our talented chefs take the utmost care in selecting only the freshest and highest quality mackerel for smoking, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor and nutritional value. Using traditional smoking techniques and oak wood chips, our chefs expertly smoke mackerel to create a rich and distinctive flavor that will leave you wanting more.



Beef Written Entrecote is one of the most delicious meats with its dense marble-like fat distribution all over. Antrikot offers a true gourmet taste. It will leave an unforgettable taste on your palate with its unique flavor and soft texture. You can marinate it with natural extra virgin olive oil and cook it in a cast iron pan or on the grill by sealing it in a hot fire. We ensure that the meat we bring from Balıkesir reaches the highest level of taste by resting it with the dry aged method.


If you are a barbecue lover then Dallas Steak is for you! You will have an insatiable taste experience with our delicious, fresh and carefully prepared meats. The bone-in Dallas Steak, which is cut adjacent to the rib, is very tasty thanks to the homogeneous distribution of the fat. You can marinate it with natural extra virgin olive oil and cook it on the grill or in a cast iron pan. We supply from Balikesir Gonen without breaking the cold chain.


Thinly sliced ​​Sivas Antrikot Pastrami on the most special part of the meat, on fenugreek, almost melts in your mouth. Pastrami is made using natural methods from ribeye obtained from animals grazing in Sivas's wide pastures. You can use it to add flavor to breakfast, pastries and many dishes. There are options with and without fenugreek.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that Kars Gruyere is one of the most special cheeses our country offers to the world cuisine. It has a very special place with its intense aroma and porous structure. It is prepared from pure milk obtained from cows grazing at an altitude of 2 thousand meters in Kars. The cheese, which is left to ferment, comes to your table from Buğatepe after resting for at least 6 months.


Looking for delicious and eye-catching Eclairs? Eclairs prepared daily are delicious and stylish patisserie products carefully prepared by our masters and made with quality ingredients. Choose the one that suits your taste among the varieties of eclairs. With different flavor options such as chocolate, cream, vanilla, strawberry, our Eclairs can be a delicious alternative for all your special days and invitations. Try our most delicious Eclairs and bring the patisserie flavor to your home.


We wouldn't be wrong if we say that raw meatballs is one of the most favorite snacks of Turkish society. Antep Style Raw Meatballs get their taste from fine bulgur brought from Gaziantep, pepper paste and isot from Şanlıurfa. We prepare Raw Meatballs that will cheer your palate daily without meat.


Stuffed meatballs are made in many parts of Turkey, but Gaziantep, the capital of gastronomy, stands out with its flavor. Our chefs prepare the stuffing by mixing beef and lamb breasts. Hearty and nutritious Antep Style Stuffed Meatballs are served fried like pomegranate. You can also place a bulk order for your special days.



For those looking for a hearty and delicious option, fresh artichoke may be just the flavor you are looking for.
We recommend that you include fresh artichoke, which is a natural source of antioxidants, in your kitchen! You can also choose it in your diet programs thanks to its low calorie content. Artichoke, one of the indispensable vegetables of a healthy diet, is waiting for you in its freshest form at Panayır Gourmet. You can use it both on its own and in salads, dishes.

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